OEM Power Ultrasonics

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Sonic Systems are Specialists in the Design, Development and Manufacture of Power Ultrasonic Systems for the OEM Market

We Specialise In

  • Ultrasonically enabling existing systems / processes
  • Working with the client to develop completely new systems / processes

Our Systems Comprise

  • Electronic signal generator (supplies electrical energy to the transducer at ultrasonic frequency)
  • Ultrasonic transducers based on proven high power piezoelectric construction
  • Form factors suitable for a variety of challenging environments (e.g. explosion proof)
  • Transducer tooling

Electronic Signal Generator Configured to Suit

  • Supplied at board level for integration into the client's electronic systems
  • Housed and/or racked mounted suitable for direct industrial deployment.
  • Equipped with standard electronic interface protocols (e.g. RS232).

Ultrasonic Frequency and Acoustic Power Selected for Optimum System Performance

  • Pre-determined ultrasonic frequency in the range 20kHz to 200kHz
  • System drive power from 1 Watt to multi-kilowatts
  • Systems can be pre-compliance tested to International standards including EMC and Electrical Safety

Transducer Options

  • Standard process horns
  • Custom tooling to control ultrasonic amplitude and acoustic power delivery

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