FC150 Ultrasonic Process Reactor


The FC150 is a bench top Ultrasonic Process system capable of delivering 150 watts of acoustic power for the treatment of liquids for both production and research environments. These systems operate at constant power not amplitude unlike the P100 sytems and provide invaluable information to allow scale up.

Applications Include: Sonocystallization - Nanoparticle Dispersion - Chromatin Shearing - Degassing - Emulsification - Disintegration - Particle Size Management - De agglomeration

  • Automatic frequency locking/ control
  • Variable constant Acoustic Power up to 150 watts
  • Wattmeter
  • Local / Remote RS485 and RS232 Control options
  • Operating frequency 20kHz
  • 120ml Reactor Volume
  • Process control Software available
  • High Quality Stainless Construction
  • Standard Pipe Fittings

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